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  • My friend

    My friend

    My friend, who was a star in the sky, now is not. From her I believe that things do change, for better or for worse. But something in her doesn’t change at all. She still thinks she deserves the best things in the world. However, the world doesn’t treat her right. I don’t know what […]

  • Pretty (again a blabber post)

    Pretty (again a blabber post)

    This time, it’s about skincare.

  • Dusk, the color of mine

    Dusk, the color of mine

    What color are you? Mine is dusk.

  • ‘The Best I Could Do’

    ‘The Best I Could Do’

    How can I measure ‘the best I could do’? Even if I torture myself by doing things out of my grip, why people cannot just say that I have done well – instead of telling me to keep doing my best. How far is the best I can do? I do not know. How can […]

  • Why ‘My English is Bad’ is Annoying

    Why you don’t have to say ‘Sorry, my English is bad…’

  • If I were

    If I were a sentence, I would be the long one,   but without any proper punctuationIf I were a sentence, I would be the long one,   but without any strong feelings withinIf I were a sentence, I would be the long one,   but with a deep hesitation to go onIf I were a sentence, I […]

  • Wish

    I, too, want to have that kind of fluttering loveThe one that brings warmth to my frozen toesThe one that colors my heart with flowersWho feeds me day by day with acceptance In some days of course I will shed some tearsIn some days indeed anger will blind meBut in the days within I hope […]

  • Scattered thoughts, today.

    Lonely furious. Grudgy weak.Contradiction within.Cannot escape.Hoping to die.Trying to self-harm.Inhale exhale.Kindness, positivity.Anger, hatred.All around.Cannot distinguish. Hello from the shop I am working in. Today is a lazy day as there are few customers only. Well, it became a common occurrence in our shop. When it comes to a condition like this, my mind starts to […]

  • Is it a pandemic?

    Is it a pandemic?

    Recently, many things happened. My country is getting crazier day by day – makes me think that it is just a matter of time that Indonesians are committing suicide. My friend, one of those close to me, has just mentioned that she wants to die as well. I do not know what she has been […]

  • Convenience Store Woman

    Convenience Store Woman

    ‘Convenience Store Woman’ is another book I bought in Shopee. Not only the book costs relatively cheap, but I also bought it because of its yellow cover. Lame reason, isn’t it? The illustration is what enticed me as well. People said, don’t judge the book by its cover. For me, I don’t hold that kind […]